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As Deep Cove area residents, we are passionate about the community spirit and love living in this gorgeous corner of North Vancouver. Supporting each other as residents and local businesses, as well as engaging in local matters, have allowed our community to continue flourishing.

Out of School Care is very limited in our community, and we wanted to offer that support to local families and neighbours. Due to our extensive experience in early childhood education and our work with children in our community, it was a logical next step to create Deep Cove Out Of School Care.

We are proud to offer out of school care to only Cove Cliff Elementary students, especially during Covid-19 times. We want to make sure that the children and staff are safe and healthy, keeping a safe bubble for the families we work with, as well as for the sake of our community.

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Marjan Homaei


Marjan has done studies in the Early Childhood Education program and is continuing her studies at UBC in Infant Development and Supported Child Development program. For the past few years, she has worked as a Community Developer focusing her work in families with young children in North Shore. More recently, she worked as a Supported Child Development Consultant supporting positive inclusion of children with extra needs in programs. When her eldest child had to be enrolled in kindergarten, she started doing her research about Cove Cliff Elementary and noticed that a crucial piece was missing: Out Of School Care options. A few months later, Deep Cove Out Of School Care was born. Marjan is passionate about children. “I started volunteering to work with kids from a very early age. I always wanted to be a teacher or work in something related to the field. Our goal is to enhance the child’s development and, most importantly, provide a nurturing, safe, and secure environment. I think of my own children, what I want for them, and provide that to the other children.

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Charlene Olsem


Teacher Charlene is passionate about working with children. From a young age, she started babysitting and volunteering in teaching hip hop dance to elementary school students. With over a decade in customer service, she has developed her communication, patience, and listening skills, which are paramount when working with children. Her goal is to create a fun environment for children and help each child thrive in their own way. During her spare time, she enjoys kickboxing and dancing.

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